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Sometimes parenting can seem a bit like climbing a mountain. A problem shared is a problem halved and Pioneering Parenting seeks to create innovative programmes of support to help parents in all forms of family with the issues they face. 

About Us

Pioneering Parenting is a not-for-profit community support organisation that seeks to offer innovative support to new parents and families through the provision of health awareness courses, with a focus on mental health, and providing avenues for education for parents seeking to retrain to new careers after focusing on raising their family. While we are initially supporting families in rural areas that are underserved by statutory authorities or given their location can be isolated from services we will expand to urban regions should the need be there.

Pioneering Parenting seeks to be a key part of the Public Health Agency plans for social prescribing, where a doctor can direct patients to social activities rather than medication to help with depression, isolation or improving general well-being. By seeking to provide everything from organised community gardening projects, to Tai-Chi, to Boccia, Men’s Sheds, and focused women’s health initiatives in consultation with families the organisation will assist doctors and other community organisations it will work in partnership with to improve the lives of people in rural areas.

Our most important focus is bringing parents together who are seeking support on their parenting journey. There is no map to help new parents pioneer that journey and coming together with others to get support on how they have coped with the changes that comes with focusing everything on little ones, and perhaps not remembering to look after Mum and Dad, can be invaluable. Families come in so many forms of partnership, or single parents, lots of co-parents, same sex parents, all of whom face pressures and challenges but all of whom can share gems of information on how they have coped with life’s pressures and we hope to build a support organisation to bring people together to share that wisdom.

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